Barkom Każany Lwów take part in the PreZero Grand Prix in Krakow

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It is with delight that we can inform that for the first time in its history Barkom Każany Lwów will take part in the PreZero Grand Prix in Krakow.

Two years ago, due to the restrictions of the pandemic PLS was forced to finish the season earlier. As a result, during the summertime, the first edition of the PreZero Grand Prix took place. Now it is part of the preparation for the following season. The rules are slightly different from traditional beach volleyball because the teams compete against each other in teams of four.

The Pre Zero Grand Prix is scheduled from Thursday the 11th and lasts until Sunday at KS Wanda in Krakow. The matches are free for fans to attend.

It will be the first opportunity for Ukraine’s players to present themselves to the fans in Krakow. Barkom Każany Lwów will begin its run on 11th August at 16:30 and will face the current Polish champions – ZAKSA Kędzierzyn Koźle. In the next round, the winner of this game will face Jastrzębski Węgiel or Stal Nysa.

The full schedule of the tournament can be found at https://www.plusliga.pl/summerCup/.